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Our partnership with Sodiclair

The Internet has become a lifeline for the production of high quality bespoke curtains: Sodiclair, our French client company, specializing in the production of curtains and blinds, confirms the growing trend of increasing digitization in our sector.

In 2006 Stephane Berretti bought Sodiclair: the company was in a crisis situation and still operated according to an old business model. Stephane, with a careful and far-sighted eye, decided to invest and start up the website, which then proved to be extremely important for the distribution and sales driver for his products.

In 2017, the website reached 80,000 customers who placed 100,000 orders a year, generating approximately 45% of the company’s turnover supported byù an investment of approximately € 600,000 in advertising on Google.

In 2020, a dramatic year for trade due to the pandemic, with the closure of shopkeepers and the blocking of the traditional selling and distribution network, Sodiclair managed not only to stem the crisis by applying all the safety measures in the workshops where 42 employees work, but also to multiply the web turnover from 45% to 70% of its production, signing a further record in the sector and supporting the losses deriving from the traditional channel.

Over the years, the website has reached 340,000 visits per year and 9 million euros in turnover, out of a total of 10.2 million.