Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Rigor and discipline, but also versatility, harmony and new horizons. That is the very soul of aluminum: as light as thought, as effective as technology. In a word: unique, in an ambience where the space creates space and the mind runs free. 
Tecnolight offers a complete collection of venetian blinds that covers all possible applications and systems. Please download the catalogue to have a deep vision on what we can offer.



  • 15mm
  • 25mm standard, light and perforated
  • 35mm formed
  • 50mm formed
  • 51×57 system. Standard, motorized and crack
  • 35×35 system
  • 19×27 system
  • 25×25 system. Standard wand tilting, double cord, monocontrol chain system, motorized, crack system.