OurVision – Is the future “green” ?

Is the future “green”?

Tecnolight® believes in a sustainable world, believes in the future and believes in technology.

We are working to allow all our facilities to become environmentally friendly.

We have already covered 100% of the electricity needs of TECNOLIGHT® and FILWOOD® with the use of renewable energy through 500kilowatts of energy supplied directly from our photovoltaic system.

In addition to reducing a large part of our consumption and reintroducing renewable energy produced in excess into the grid, we have also obtained certifications that attest to the quality and commitment given to the invironmental cause.

For example, with respect to our Tecnowood Collection, we offer the possibility to choose FSC® certified wood which guarantees reforestation and reduces deforestation. Tecnolight®, on the market for 40 years, has never stopped innovating and is always receptive to environmental friendly solutions.

Taking new paths is not yet mandatory, but it is necessary to meet the global demands for greater sensitivity towards our planet.

It is under this photovoltaic system, in our headquarters, that all our innovative products have been conceived and designed, including the new TecnoWood 2021 collection and the new TECH and DECO textile catalogs.

In a cutting-edge market, Tecnolight®, thanks to its collections, over the years has become a distinctive sign and synonym of quality for the best curtain and blinds manufacturers.