We started out in 1980 to produce vertical blind accessories. Since then, the enduring fascination for technology and design has driven Tecnolight to create a full line of interior technical blind systems that is today distributed in more than 70 countries. By searching and singling out cues from the most different places, we endeavor to design unique and innovative solutions able to create the kind of surrounding we would like to live in. The essence of the Tecnolight products is a successful alchemy of shapes and functions, the ingeniousness of everything that is simple, the pleasure of doing things properly. What sets our professional approach apart is our choice not to work in isolation but to seek the complicity of our clients who become our partners in a ceaseless and continuous research that is the embodiment of our corporate philosophy.


Since 1980 we design and manufacture systems for internal and external technical blinds, covering all needs of both private and public sectors.


We are the biggest venetian blinds wood slat manufacturer in Europe, strong of a total vertically integrated production that starts with the tree and finishes with slats and profiles for your blinds.


Our fabrics collection is complementary to our technical systems and satisfies both technical and decorative requirements.


SINCE 1980


Discover our full range of technical blind systems. Each system have been designed taking into consideration the latest design trends, the assembly needs of our customers and the usability needs of the end user. Get to know more about our aluminum and wood venetians, rollers for internal and external use, verticals, pleated, panels and roman shades collections.




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